Be Their Light

In the vastness of time and space, positivity will reach higher and wider. Please hold each and every person in the positive light. Raise them up for they do not know how to raise themselves. Bring positivity to them. Be their light from near or far.

©Janet Harper 1/18/2015

Pray for me, for it is not my time to go

Pray for me, for my branches provide shelter and homes for many creatures

Pray for me, that I may reach further into the sky year after year

Pray for me, to see many more seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter

Pray for me, to shelter you from the sun and summer heat

Pray for me, to shade your home

Pray for my pine cones to continue to feed the animals

Pray for my seeds to grow more of me

Please pray for me, for I am in danger of destruction

By: Janet Harper Mon28Mar2010 ©

Fall’s Upon Us

Cold settles in

Leaves changing color and sound

Painting earth’s canvas

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

This is how I feel; my spirit takes flight on a nightly basis as my shell rests. Such incredible peace and safety are felt as my angels and guides soar with me and God allows us to spread reiki to all that are in need.


Miracles happen on a daily basis

All you need to do is to look around and notice them


I have been asked, what I am passionate about?

My question is: “What am I not passionate about?”

I am passionate about life and beyond, isn’t that everything?


Heating the kitchen

Cakes rising in the oven

Smelling just divine