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Astral Projection

This is how I feel; my spirit takes flight on a nightly basis as my shell rests. Such incredible peace and safety are felt as my angels and guides soar with me and God allows us to spread reiki to all that are in need.


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Miracles happen on a daily basis

All you need to do is to look around and notice them

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Smart Ass

Through the course of a day…I talk to myself.  My friends would say, as long as you don’t answer yourself.  I say, but I do answer myself, because half the time I am the most intelligent person around.  Then they call me a smart ass and I thank them for noticing that all of me is smart.

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Rainy Fall Day

Gloomy day…or is it? It may be dark and rainy, but watch the rain drops carefully dance across the changing leaves, creating a ballet in the trees. Ever so graceful as the drops hit the shinny leaves. Green, red, orange, rust, some brown, leaves being caressed by the drops of heaven. You can hear the music being created as each leaf is a different note. Though the sound is in your head, it doesn’t matter, it is beautiful nevertheless. Enjoy heaven’s entertainment…for it does nourish the land and the soul.
By: Janet C Harper 2009 ©

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