Hiking up a mountain, reaching the crest

Arriving just in time for the show

Of spectacular beauty at days end

An ocean of blue in the sky

Streaks of gold orange and red

Feathered across the alto cumulus clouds

And I, with the best seat in the house



Stepping on the beach

Heat penetrating my souls

Fire between my toes

First Kiss

We were friends since childhood, now teenagers

He walks me home like he has done many times before.

A warm summer night with an occasional cool breeze

This time it’s different, our eyes met in a different way

Butterflies tickle my insides as he brushes up against me.

I start to tremble with anticipation as he grabs my hand,

Knees weak and shaking beneath me, as he takes me in his arms.

I melt into him, my heart beating hard and fast,

As he kisses me under the star lit night.


A pencil meets a paper

Like a brush meets a canvas

Creating a line, a shape

Transforming that shape into an object

Shading and refining the piece

Bringing it to life

Caught in a Storm

Running through endless fields

Miles away…away from my home

Storm clouds rolling in

Hoping to reach shelter, safety

Temperature drastically dropping

Winds piercing, chilling me to the bone

Shaking uncontrollably constricting my breathing

Hail pummels my body

Pain consumes me, nowhere to hide

Just Words

Letters appear on the blank page,

Arrange and combine

Creating words, phrases and emotion

Painting a picture, a world and people

You learn to love or hate

At last the piece is born, enjoy the journey


Sun penetrating

Rays reaching, connecting with earth

Stirring the forest floor