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Cold settles in

Leaves changing color and sound

Painting earth’s canvas


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Our Day

The rustling leaves in the wind

Cool clean crisp air

The mighty trees reaching into the painted sky, as though the clouds where just brushed and dabbled on.

The sun playing playfully on the water

Ducks quacking almost laughing

Autumn colors of gold, rust, red, purple, green, blue and every shade in between

Fall is here at last

Taking long walks with my best friend to absorb nature-life

It’s the best feeling in the world

Boats on the channel

Ducks, swans and geese on the lake

A place to sketch, write or meditate

I prefer all three

It’s so beautiful you can help it

I sketched the waterfall (the mound) as my friend calls it

Sun dogs in the sky, birds singing up above and ducks asses in the air as they are dabbling in the water hoping to catch a bite to eat

What a wonderful day it was

Oct 16th 2005

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Rainy Fall Day

Gloomy day…or is it? It may be dark and rainy, but watch the rain drops carefully dance across the changing leaves, creating a ballet in the trees. Ever so graceful as the drops hit the shinny leaves. Green, red, orange, rust, some brown, leaves being caressed by the drops of heaven. You can hear the music being created as each leaf is a different note. Though the sound is in your head, it doesn’t matter, it is beautiful nevertheless. Enjoy heaven’s entertainment…for it does nourish the land and the soul.
By: Janet C Harper 2009 ©

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