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Astral Projection

This is how I feel; my spirit takes flight on a nightly basis as my shell rests. Such incredible peace and safety are felt as my angels and guides soar with me and God allows us to spread reiki to all that are in need.


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Deep in nature, surrounded, engulfed

Water flowing, falling, cascading, cleansing, nurturing

Sitting in on a rock as if I was sitting on a lotus floating in the water

The spray of the water, penetrating, cleansing, hydrating my soul

The creature’s voices becoming one…one hum, one vibration

Observing, absorbing, centering

Beginning to start my spiritual journey

Deep steady breathing inhale abdomen, stomach, chest

Exhale chest, stomach, abdomen

Over and over, repeat…repeat

Feeling, experiencing, becoming my surroundings

Letting go of all…all of the daily mind boggling restraining jibber jabber

Melting, releasing, finding the zone

Joining in flight, soaring, floating, the warm air caressing my body

The air currents taking me higher and higher

Hearing the wind blowing whistling through the trees below

Joining, connecting, conversing, listening to my spiritual guide

The sun energizing my spirit, my soul, healing, restoring, completing

Becoming one with the universe

Just sitting on a rock

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